Back on Track

After an artistic break, Rashni now announces an spectacular 3D Music Concert - coming to the metaverse

Virtual 3D Music Concert

The preparations for the breathtaking virtual rashni 3D concert are in full progress. Establishing our Club House in the Metaverse for the Rashni Community where music enthusiastic all around the world can chillout, talk and share experiences!

Two ticket packages are available for the 3D Music Concert:

NFT VIP Package

Exclusively for the NFT community we offer a limited VIP package. For the debut concert 1'000 VIP packages will be available starting on July 1st.
A VIP package includes:

1 x NFT Access Pass for the Metaverse 3D Debut Concert which will take place on April 1st, 2023. Accreditation will be completed for NFT VIP package holders via personal wallet. The stream link of the concert can be used anytime from the publication date.

1 x Rashni Rare Avatar
Only in this special avatar series, scenes from the Metaverse concert are illustrated in the background.

1 x NFT merchandising voucher (10USD) redeemable on our Merch e-Shop

Mint VIP Package

Concert Access eTicket

Follow-up concert of 08 April 2023 for non-NFT concert visitors
Online Access @
Duration: 40 min.
Price: USD TBA

Get Ticket - Login Access Code
Starting : 1st of July 2022

*The Access Code allows the concert access via web browser at any time from release date.  

NFT Avatar Collection

In addition to the release of the unique Metaverse Music Concert, Rashni is the first virtual music artist to launch a collection of NFT trading cards.

The Rashni NFT collection will feature more than 100 different attributes in 8 different trait categories. Traits differ in rarity (from common to ultra-rare), but ALL of them were designed with an equal amount of love and dedication.

More Information: