Rashni Banda Khan, also known as "Rashni", is the absolute shooting star of the Bollywood scene. It's difficult to describe him exactly. You have to see him: that jutting chin, the goofy expression, the provocative gestures, that dirty laugh - great! incredible!

Born in Calcutta in 1970, Rashni Banda Khan's career began on the most demanding theatre stages of his birth city. Moving to Mumbai, he switched from theatre to film acting and had his first break in the TV series "Danger Man". This success brought him one job offer after another and his first leading role in a feature-length film "Sometimes it hurts" immediately earned him the "Best Film Debut Award".

His second great passion is undoubtedly music. It began with the electric guitar, with which he earned his first money as a young boy. As a street musician and Diana Ross imitator, he was then discovered by the music producers Davis & Wild.

In 2007, the time had come - his debut single "Baboushka" climbed the charts! On YouTube the music video clip was applauded by 7.5 million fans. The song is based on his last film "Rashni on special mission" and tells an exciting spy story. The acting performance in the clip underlines the great talent of "Rashni". He shines with daredevil stunts performed on his own!

The great success cost a lot of energy and Rashni decided to take a longer artistic break. During this time Rashni travelled around the world and devoted himself to his great passion - breeding koi fish.

In 2022, the time has finally come again! In addition to the release of a new single, Rashni is the first virtual music artist to launch a unique Metaverse Music Concert & a collection of NFT trading cards.