Project information


Rashni is one of the world's first virtual 3D music artists who launched his international career 15 years ago and has achieved worldwide success. His debut single "Baboushka" stormed 2009 the charts! On YouTube the music video clip was applauded by 7.5 MILLION FANS!  

After an artistic break, Rashni now announces an exclusive NFT Collection and the release of a new single.

March/April 2022

In the first phase we will intitiate a Discord Server & Twitter Account with the aim of growing an sustainable exciting community!

We will steadily seek for collaborations with different NFT Projects and Influencers as well as pursue different marketing strategies (Whitelist spots, partner whitelist, free NFTs).

With the start of the community acquisition, the project is presented on its own landing page.

The relevant milestones are communicated, the project is explained and the developer team is introduced.

Early Spring 2023

The Rashni NFT Collection will be launched on our own minting-subdomain with an edition of 10,000 items (no duplicates). The NFT Collection will feature more than 80 different attributes in 8 different trait categories.

Traits differ in rarity (from common to ultra-rare), but al of them were designed with an equal amount of love and dedication.

Spring 2023

The new single "In secret mission" is launched as NFT Music track. The song is about Rashni's new mission in Tokyo. One of the most expensive koi fish was stolen at an exhibition and Rashni has to catch the kidnappers.

Distribution of promised merchandising articles such as the baseball cap and avatar keychain to Rashni Holders.

Spring 2023
Streaming 3D Concert

Rashni will be one of the first virtual 3D artists to present a breathtaking 3D  concert in the Metaverse. We are convinced that this event will generate a lot of attention.

As a cooperation partner, we offer exclusive access tickets. We will integrate and mention selected presenting partners within the concert animation.